Profiling is growing in popularity in the UK, with HR managers, team leaders and business owners using it to get the best out of their teams. It allows you to really get under the skin of a person and understand what makes them tick. Once you understand this you can quickly understand how to motivate them better, or whether they fit culturally in your team.


If you are currently recruiting, it is easy to see and check a candidates qualifications and experience, but it is a lot harder to understand their character. Profiling helps you lift the lid on their personality and you can then see if they are not only the right fit academically, but also culturally. Getting the wrong person, even if they are brilliant work wise can be an expensive mistake which can have consequences on the rest of the team.

Team Building

Profiling can be used internally on existing staff members, especially when you are putting together a crack team from within. By profiling potential team members you can better pick those that fit together to deliver better results. It can also be used to solve issues within a dysfunctional team, identifying personality clashes and the underlying causes. Allowing trauma members a better insight in to their colleagues, what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them.

Staff Retention

It can also be used as  part of a staff retention strategy, by better understanding your key staff members and communicating with them accordingly. This in turn reduces conflict and helps unlock more potential.

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