The 10 weirdest job titles in the UK, revealed

The 10 weirdest job titles in the UK, revealed


Feel like your job title doesn’t actually have anything to do with what you spend your days doing?

Feel like your job title doesn’t actually have anything to do with what you spend your days doing? Looks like you’re not alone.


We may all think that we have a pretty good idea of what an HR manager or a banker does, but what about an econometrician or an air cartographer? And what about a tug master?


These titles are becoming more and more common, especially in the world of technology, with plain old chief information security officers now becoming “Paranoid in Chiefs”, according to the job and recruitment website Glassdoor.


The company has reviewed thousands of job titles and has presented a list of the 10 weirdest ones in Britain.


Tug Master

Job Description: A person who has overall responsibility for safe operations of a tug vessel. This includes looking after the crew of the vessel and ensuring that the load is in place and passage plans have been checked.


Acoustics Consultant

Job Description: Working on engineering projects, an acoustics consultant has a good understanding and practical experience of environment and building acoustics and is expected to be proficient with technology called “noise mapping software”.  An acoustic consultant would need to be confident with a range of acoustics and vibration measurement and analysis systems, and be conversant with relevant standards and guidance, especially those relating to environmental acoustics.


Air Cartographer

Job Description: Similar to an airport or airline manager, or even transport planning manager, an air cartographer creates flight plans for the Royal Air Force (RAF) and maintains flight safety standards.



Job Description: This is a general manager role for Nandos, in one of the restaurants. Patrão is Portuguese for “head of the family”.



Job Description: An econometrician is a type of economist who integrates statistics and mathematics into economic analysis. Econometricians typically have advanced degrees in statistics and/or economics, although some universities do offer specific degrees in econometrics.


Customer Happiness Hero

Job Description: This is basically a customer service role with a fancy name. Must have experience dealing with customers and must work well under pressure.



Job Description: At an Apple Store, a genius is a skilled expert, troubleshooting and repairing products. They use problem-solving and people skills to assure ‘Genius Bar’ customers of swift resolutions to their technical problems.


Scrum Master

Job Description: A scrum master is the facilitator for an “agile” development team. Agile project management focuses on continuous improvement, scope flexibility and team input. Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organise and make changes quickly, in accordance with agile principles. The scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged.



Job Description: A scientist or statistician that specialises in Chemometrics, which is the use of mathematical statistics in the design of experiments, and the evaluation of the resulting data.


Calypso Developer

Job Description: Calypso is a big provider of technology solutions for complex financial markets. It provides a single platform that enables business innovation and growth across trading, risk management, processing and accounting. A Calypso developer would therefore understand and have experience of Calypso technology and have development experience in “Java”, which is a computer programming language.