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Workers lose out on nearly £3bn of wages and holiday pay every year, report finds

Almost £3 billion of wages and holiday pay are unpaid every year and these figures could be the “tip of the iceberg” A report by researchers from Middlesex University London has discovered that one in 20 workers do not have paid holidays while one in 12 workers are not even given a payslip, both acts […]

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The 10 weirdest job titles in the UK, revealed

Feel like your job title doesn’t actually have anything to do with what you spend your days doing? Feel like your job title doesn’t actually have anything to do with what you spend your days doing? Looks like you’re not alone.   We may all think that we have a pretty good idea of what […]

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Unemployment fell to 1.53m in the quarter to April, the lowest since records began in 1975, according to official figures. The figures, released a couple days ago, reveals unemployment over the period fell by 50,000 with the rate remaining at 4.6%, while the employment rate reached a new high of 74.8%, Also at record levels. […]

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Company cars remain a popular employee benefit, according to new research by XpertHR

Car allowances are offered at an overwhelming 85.1% of organisations, but they are given to only 6.1% of employees XpertHR’s 2017 company cars and car allowance survey published has found that 71.3% of organisations have company cars, although they are usually only offered to a minority of employees – just 8.2% are given this option. […]

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Reduce Your Stress To Become A Better Employee

Stress is thought to cost UK businesses a combined £6.5 billion annually. In developed economies the world over stress is a major problem generating sick days and absences, staff turnover, and reduced performance across the board. It can affect all levels of a business, businesses of all sizes, and staff members no matter their age […]

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Employers Could Turn to Temps to Plug Skills Gap – REC

Nine in ten UK employers (89 per cent) will increase or maintain their temporary workforce in the next three months, according to a survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). This is a rise of nine percentage points compared to findings reported in March (80 per cent), suggesting that businesses may become increasingly reliant […]

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